Friday, January 24, 2014

Ontario Ministry Of Education: White Guys Are Privileged

How many times have we heard this one before?  The latest is from this document.

The person being cited, I believe, is OISE Professor George Dei.

Check out some of Dei's other work:

From a book co-authored by OISE's former Director of the Centre for Integrative Anti-Racism Studies:

"Denials of White privilege protect and prevent awareness about how racism works and how it is upheld." 

"Whiteness coexists within a system of economic, political, cultural, spiritual, psychological, emotional and social advantages for the privileged – at the expense of the racialized other. As such, it is a category of and for the dominant. Like Whiteness, White racism is a social marker and a practice of power and privilege." 

In an interview he says:

"I think it is Ruth Frankenburg who talks about the need to unmask whiteness as an unracialized identity. Whites can and have been racialized. We can look at it in terms of the extent to which they have been racialized for privilege. Or we can use it to understand how whiteness allows people to engage in transformative political projects. Whiteness is not simply the site of oppression or privilege; it can also be used to rupture some of the oppressive aspects of society. That means talking about personal implication, talking about personal politics and one's project to undermine or subvert oppressive structures or systems. Understanding whiteness can be a decolonizing project."


  1. There is no dialogue, this is deliberate and repeated provocation based on gender - male - and race - white.

  2. Maybe just maybe people are successful in life based on inspiration, work ethic, education and "the drive".

    Don't most humans wake up and go about their day not thinking about skin colour?

    Also George Dei needs to get out of his stuffy OSIE office and go live in a non-white country (yes they do exist) like I did for over 10 years. He would be in for a shock.

    George Dei= theories to keep the racism fire burning!

  3. Aren't "whites" the actual minority now in Canada and the U.S.?

  4. The race obsessed liberal left, especially teachers, live in a dream world. They surround themselves with other liberals, and think their world view is complete.

    In my own family, all my siblings and their mates are teachers. When we gather on family occasions I hear them babble amongst themselves. They continuously spout liberal politics like there is no possible opposing view. If I ever try to bring up a different view on any of their beliefs, I am immediately ganged up on.

    None of them has ever had a job other than teaching. They are all on government pensions. They all vote the same (at least that is what they say.)

    They spew "diversity" but live inside an intellectual straight jacket.

  5. This is hate speech - time for a complaint against Wynne and her government

  6. I notice there is a whole lot of quiteness about her former Deputy of Education,Dr. Levy,now why is that

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